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Mrs Walsh

Mrs Walsh

“We all arrived, me in my wheelchair as walking was a thing of the past”
I was a horse riding and ballet kind of girl. I weighed just under 9 stone and was confident in my appearance. Working as a Primary School Teacher, involved in meeting parents and other Professional. I lived a full and varied life.

In May 2014 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis due to tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. I struggled and carried on teaching till July 2015 when as a family it was decided that it was too much. I was loosing my sight, had a brace on my left leg and was using both a walker and a wheelchair out of school. Also I couldn’t drive anymore. I was loosing my independence at a rapid rate. Because of my lack of movement I started to put on weight and used a wheelchair more and more.


I decided to do something to boost my confidence and celebrate the person I was becoming, rather than who I was before. I saw Kensa Studios on Facebook and had a look at all the photographs, liked what I saw but wasn’t sure. I spoke to my Mum and Daughter for there opinion, one was positive and the other negative. So I thought a little longer to myself and decided just go for it and made an appointment.

As the time got closer to my photographic shoot I became more and more nervous. At one stage I even considered cancelling, I talked myself around. On the day we got a little lost and we arrived a little late, so I was more nervous than ever before and a little stressed. I was going to ask my Dad to turn around and go back home, but I’m glad I didn’t. We all arrived, me in my wheelchair as walking was a thing of the past, with damp hair sticking out in all directions and no makeup, a very pretty sight! I was offered a drink and so were my Mum and Daughter, either wine or tea, I drank tea. I’d invited them both for moral support (ha, ha) and my transformation began both with makeup and hair.
I loved the pampering session, it was lovely to be the centre of attention, especially after my daughters constant negativity. I was then thinking will I be able to do what they want? When the hair and makeup was fine, I looked in a mirror and thought, is that me? We all went into the photo studio and began the shoot. I was able with a little and I mean a little help to get into the position asked. I just needed help getting changed into the I was talked through everything and asked politely before any rearrangement was done.
I had it booked on my Birthday as a Birthday treat. I thoroughly recommend this for anyone wanting a confidence boost whoever they are. The viewing of the photo’s and choosing the ones I wanted was another boost to my confidence. I took my Mum and a Friend to do this. They both enjoyed the viewing part as well. The bound photos is a beautiful keepsake for ever. I look at the photos and have chosen a select few to see them as well.

Go for it. It is a fantastic thing to do.