Mrs Baldwin

21st November 2006 was the day that changed mine and my family’s life forever, 31st October we had just said goodbye to my Nan (Dad’s mum), I then got a phone call around 8:30pm from my Dad to say my Mum had been rushed in to hospital as they think she’s had a stroke. When I went to see her that evening she was on a life support machine, and waiting while they take Mum off life support to see if she breathes on her own was hell, but thankfully she was a strong woman she pulled through that part, but next day seeing my Mum awake but unable to talk or move properly was horrible.

Those next 6 months of her being in hospital and going to a care home was crazy, my Dad made a decision to take her home and care for her, which he did until 2016 when he fell ill and had to go into hospital himself because he has COPD. Mum went back into a care home, and in this time, Tony my brother in law was dying of lung cancer, and sadly passed away early Christmas Eve 2016.

My Mum stayed in a care home because Dad just couldn’t do it anymore, and at this time I was running my own cafe which my partner and I brought in 2013 so lots going on!

In March 2017 we got a call at 9am to say my Mum had taken a turn for the worst so my Dad and I went and stayed with my Mum until she gave up. She just couldn’t cope living in a care home without my Dad, broke me completely and I’m still broken now. In July 2017, another big change happened when we decided to give up the cafe after having a bad time with staff not turning up and also quitting on the night my mum was dying.

My other brother in law, bless him, spent most of this year in hospital, and he died in May. The past 16 months have been so so hard; I drank a lot to help myself through it.

My partner and I have been together 15 years in April and been through so much, I wanted to do something nice as a treat and a friend had mentioned Kensa Boudoir! I got in touch and wow, best thing I have ever done! They made feel and look amazing, and I keep looking at the photos thinking “wow”!

Thank you ladies xx